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Heavenly Blessings & Earthly Obligations : Ephesian 1:3-14

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, there’s something uniquely captivating. He starts off on a powerful note of praise, giving glory to God multiple times right from the outset (1:6, 1:12, 1:14). This pattern of praise is special, particularly because later in the letter, Paul lays out numerous concerns about the church in Ephesus. Here […]

Title: The Tapestry of Faith: Daniel’s Unwavering Prayer and Purposeful Perseverance

Introduction The stage is set within the pages of Daniel 6, unfolding a narrative alive with intrigue and divine intervention. It’s not merely a tale we tell, but a woven tapestry of faith lessons that continues to speak volumes in our contemporary realms. It teaches us the potency of persistence, the commitment to spiritual disciplines, […]


Belshazzar’s Wake-Up Call: A Good Reminder In the book of Daniel, we encounter a captivating narrative that continues to resonate through the ages. One of the most intriguing chapters, Daniel 5, transports us back in time to a pivotal moment in history, providing invaluable lessons for us today. A Shift in Power At this point […]

Sound Theology Minus Sincere Repentance Is A Serious Situation

Missed the sermon on Daniel Chapter 4? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a summary! The Context: Daniel Chapter 4 is a fascinating narrative that begins with King Nebuchadnezzar’s transformation after God’s divine intervention. The chapter then takes us on a journey back in time, revealing the events that led to this change in […]

Did You Chose The Wrong Church?

According to IX Marks Ministries, there are important characteristics to consider when choosing a local church.  Surprisingly, things like “The one with the best kids program” or the “The one with the best music” are not on the list despite the regularity with which you will hear such things listed during casual conversations about “church […]

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